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Tummy tuck


  • Indicated in patients who want a flat abdomen and an accentuated waist.


  • Excess skin and fatty tissue is removed from the middle and lower abdomen, in addition to rebuilding the flaccid abdominal wall. It can be combined with liposculpture and breast surgery, which is known as the " Mommy Makeover " .


  • Regional anesthesia (epidural block), balanced general anesthesia, or mixed anesthesia.

  • Generally outpatient surgery or one night in hospital.


  • 7 days to resume daily activities. Light exercise can be resumed at 4 weeks after surgery, and intense exercise at 8 weeks.


  • Use of compression girdle for 8 weeks.  


  • Minimally visible scar, it is hidden under underwear or bikini.

Mujer con abdomen plano

Before and after photos

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