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Dr. Rodrigo Morales De la Cerda

Cirugía plástica, estética y reconstructiva. Cirujano plástico certificado. Labio y paladar hendido. Aumento mamario, liposucción, lipoescultura, implantes mamarios, cirugía de nariz, rinoplastia


(breast lift)


  • Indicated in women who want to correct the position  of the breasts and improve significantly their shape. If, in addition to the above, the patient wishes to increase the volume, it can be carried out by placing breast implants or lipotransference (fat injection).


  • There are several techniques, with differences in the extension and location of the incisions, depending on the degree of breast drop (Figure 1).


  • Balanced general anesthesia.


  • Generally ambulatory surgery.


  • 7 days to resume daily activities. Light exercise can be resumed at 4 weeks after surgery, and intense exercise at 8 weeks.


  • Wearing a special orthopedic bra for 8 weeks. 

Tipos de incisiones

Figure 1. Different types of incisions for mastopexy (breast lift).

Before and after photos

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