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  • Liposuction is a procedure indicated in patients who want an improvement in body contour by reducing volume and molding fatty tissue deposits. It is also used in those who want to improve the size or shape of other regions, mainly buttocks, face and breasts, by means of fat injection (fat transfer). The combination of both techniques - liposuction and fat transfer - is known as liposculpture.


  • Technique: high definition liposculpture.


  • Regional anesthesia (epidural block) or balanced general anesthesia.


  • Generally outpatient surgery or one night in hospital.


  • 7 days to resume daily activities. Light exercise can be resumed at 4 weeks after surgery, and intense exercise at 8 weeks.


  • Use of compression girdle for 8 weeks.


  • The technique used achieves a very precise body shaping, with aesthetic proportions and without contour irregularities.

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